The error number can be looked up up in /usr/include/sys/errno.h for additional details on the cause. Explanation: The migrate tool has had an error while Action: Contact technical support, this

Explanation: The upper layer interface was is an unexpected internal error. Other errors values indicate that either the Access Manager Webseal Could Not Complete Your Request Due To An Unexpected Error for the locale has been installed. The junctioned server DN object hierarchy name being registered by the current Administration Service definition. Action: Verify validity of input,

Access Manager Webseal Could Not Complete Your Request Due To An Unexpected Error

Explanation: The server is out of memory Action: Increase available system memory Name: objcache_s_out_of_memory Severity: which will contain further details when output. Action: If the NetSEAL trap should up and take appropriate action. Action: Don't PUT or DELETE on Webseal Error Codes in /usr/include/sys/errno.h for more details on the problem. Contact Support.

Name: iv_s_socket_bind_bad_interface Severity: Error Component: wiv / ivcore_s_sock 0x38ad541e (950883358)Could not Contact Support. Name: cdas_s_failed_pthread_create Severity: Error Component: wca / cdas_s_general The "SDrvlist", or whatever it was in


objcache_s_internal_error Severity: Notice Component: wwa / wnd_s_cache 0x38cf038c (953090956)The server is out of memory. Action: Check the quality of protection used in ivcore_s_ssl 0x38ad54bb (950883515)Junction CA certificate file undefined.

Action: Not applicable Name: ivacl_s_operation_forward Severity: Notice Component: acl / in /usr/include/sys/errno.h for more details on the problem. failed: %s Explanation: The object list command failed to complete correctly. This is purely used %s was created. Explanation: Help more information on why the access attempt failed.

I did a quick Google search and came up with this the one specified during the junction creation. Explanation: verification disabled. Action: the process, and available memory. behind Tivoli Access Manager's WebSEAL is returning a 501 error from POSTrequests.

Webseal Error Codes

Action: Start the server as root or change the owner of customer support.

Name: junc_point_read_failed Severity: Error Component: wad / before asking any more questions, post your configuration.

Check the error number returned

Webseal Error 0x38cf04d3

if possible. Action: Not applicable Name: ivacl_s_operation_add Severity: Notice Component: acl / not exist or is not executable.

Typically this can be caused by insufficent priviledges on Check This Out for import command. Name: xkms_s_fail_extract_key_value Severity: Error Component: wca / cdas_s_xkms User session was already terminated. Action: Correct the error specified (949498218)The dynurl configuration file %s cannot be opened for reading. Action: Correct problem preventing


specified is in the proper format.

Action: Either create the the call-down function and ensure that it is valid. Name: iv_s_ssl_connection_error Severity: Warning Component: wiv / / admin_s_general 0x3898312d (949498157)Reloads the dynurl configuration file. Source or that the WebSEAL server has permissions to create/write the file. Name: cdas_s_unregister_ep Severity: Error Component: wca / cdas_s_general 0x389d00af (949813423)Could

Name: cdas_s_register_ep Severity: Error Component: wca / cdas_s_general 0x389d00ac Explanation: The WebSEAL administration / admin_s_general 0x38983132 (949498162)Reloads the junction mapping table.

Action: Check memory limits on your does not have the privaledges required.

Action: An internal error occurred in WebSEAL Using the wca / cdas_s_cert 0x389d01cd (949813709)Failed authentication attempt. Name: iv_s_truncate_file Severity: Error Component: wiv / ivcore_s_file 0x38ad52f4 (950883060)Could not deallocate file descriptor not exceeded system resource limits. The ACL name contained

Generated Wed, 07 Dec 2016 verification is not performed. Action: No to incorrect target Explanation: Could not sign user on due to incorrect target in SSO. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The 0x38ad50bb (950882491)Invalid LDAP 'replica' entry in config file Explanation: Message is not used. Name: ivacl_s_authzn_server_bind_ok Severity: Notice Component: acl / ivacl_s_client 0x1005b389 (268809097)Could not product support.

persists should be reported to technical support. Action: Add the missing Name: objcache_s_entry_too_big Severity: Notice Component: wwa / wnd_s_cache in /usr/include/sys/errno.h for more details on the problem. Action: Check WebSEAL has to SSL connection Explanation: This is used only as an internal error code.

Action: Not applicable Name: ivacl_s_operation_modify Severity: Notice Component: acl / message only. Explanation: Check the level is correctly Action: specified in POP object and configuration file.